Indonesian Game Server Update

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06/24/2014 [NEW]
- We announce our BC2 server has BACK! :) and also our BF3 server too :)
- BC2 and BF3 server are running together!
- With new server you will get Better Experience :)

06/14/2014 [OLD]
- We're "upgrading" our Home Server to a better one :D stay tune for further info!
- We also has fix our connection issues, software stability, and also we have new person who helped my server keep running

04/08/2014 [OLD]
- I'm very very happy! With my girlfriend support and much more and now i can keep my server back ONLINE! but only Battlefield 3 server :) for BFBC2 i think i will end it up due less player :(
- My server have upgraded internet speed :)

09/24/2013 [OLD]
 - I'm Very Very Sorry... Because I Can't Get The Server Online.. :( Not Enough Money For Pay The Internet And The Electric Payments Bills... But We Will Try To Get The Server Back Online... :)
 - We Had Some Problem With Bills...

08/13/2013 [OLD]
 - Server Offline! Due We'r Re Install The Server Windows
 - We'r Upgrading Our RAM Capacity
 - We Have Some Problem With Our Router Due To Modem Hang

08/02/2013 [OLD]
- Our Server Has Been Updated!
- All Instability Server Has Solved Exclude For Ping Lag
- No More x5 XP Server! (Proof)
- Our Server Has A M1 Garand Weapon
- Our Vietnam Server Is Deleted! Due Less User

07/27/2013 [OLD]
- We Want To Upgrade Our Server To A Bigger Specs Hope Tommorow Has Been Done.. :)

07/26/2013 [OLD]
- We'r Happy To Announce This! Our BFBC 2 Server Has Been Recovered We Just Need To Check The Stability Of Server We Happy To Hear Your Complaint & Questions.

07/20/2013 [OLD]
 - The Server Aplication Is Corrupted... We Need At Least 1 Week (Approx) From Now To Fix It. Sorry

07/15/2013 [OLD]
 - We Have Upgrade To Better Internet Connection
 - Server Will Online 07/18/2013 (Approx)

07/13/2013 [OLD]
 - We'r Trying To Fix All Problem About System Response And Stability
 - We Have Upgraded Our Internet Connection (Soo You Will Get Less Ping And Lagg)

07/12/2013 [OLD]
 - All Server Activity Is Offline!
 - Server Is Under Heavy Maintenance
 - Server Is Re Installing Windows

07/10/2013 [OLD]
 - Our Internet Has Fully Fixed 
 - Battlefield Bad Company 2 Server Is Fully Onnline (BFBC 2 & Vietnam)

07/09/2013 [OLD]
 - We Had Instability internet

07/08/2013 [OLD]
 - Internet Problem Has Been Fixed